Police brutality and torture are widespread and systematic in Pakistan. The violence takes many forms. Police beat victims, hang them by their arms or feet for hours on end, force them to witness the torture of others, and strip them naked and parade them in public, damaging their basic human dignity. This conduct amounts to torture. In Pakistan, there has been a lack of documentation that would allow for a rigorous assessment of the prevalence of torture by the police.

JPP’S Torture Watch

Advocating to End Police Torture in Pakistan – A Project of Justice Project Pakistan

The Torture Watch is a project that aims to conduct anti-torture advocacy, spread awareness regarding this practice and to push for police reform to eradicate torture. The contents of the Torture Watch are categorized thematically.

Survivors’ Stories features interviews and first-hand narratives of victims of Pakistan’s state inflicted torture. Police Reform features expert legal analysis and interviews with state officials about the need and avenues for reform in policing practices. Resources features the relevant published research conducted by JPP. Finally, Media Watch and World News feature a collection of news stories concerning torture at home and abroad.

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