Kanizan was 16 when she tortured into a false murder confession. She was sentenced to death and spent 30 years on death row, where she became severely schizophrenic. Her sentence was commuted in 2021 on grounds of mental illness. She remains under medical supervision and has not yet been allowed to return home.


Iqbal was 17 when he was convicted of shooting a person dead, in gross violation of the Juvenile Justice System Ordinance and Presidential Notification. He was finally freed in 2020 in a landmark LHC judgement protecting juvenile offenders from the death penalty.


No Time To Sleep is a 24-hour live stream charting the final hours of a death row prisoner’s life in prison leading up to his execution, starring renowned actor Sarmad Khoosat. Presented for the World Day Against the Death Penalty in 2018, NTTS received critical acclaim both domestically and internationally with 1.4 million views and 6,000 tweets.


After spending 18 years on death row despite strong evidence of him suffering paranoid schizophrenia, Imdad Ali was finally freed in 2021 following the landmark Supreme Court judgement forbidding the execution of mentally ill prisoners.


Shafqat was sentenced to death in 2004. He was arrested on suspicion of involvement in the kidnapping of another child. He subjected to brutal torture to get him to confess to the crime which he always maintained he didn’t commit. Despite birth records proving him a juvenile at the time of arrest, he was executed in 2015.